General James Longstreet is number 8 on our famous folks top 10 list of Civil War Generals. Here are ten more interesting things about him you most likely do not know:

James Longstreet
  1. Longstreet fought in several major battles during the Civil War, including Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, and Gettysburg.
  2. He was known for his tactical skills and was considered one of Robert E. Lee’s most trusted generals.
  3. After the war, Longstreet became a Republican and supported the Reconstruction efforts in the South.
  4. He served as a diplomat in the Ottoman Empire and was a special ambassador to Russia.
  5. Longstreet wrote several books about his experiences in the Civil War and about military tactics.
  6. He was a strong advocate for the education of African Americans and helped establish schools for them in the South.
  7. He also helped create the organization that would become the National Rifle Association.
  8. Longstreet was friends with Ulysses S. Grant and was one of the pallbearers at his funeral.
  9. He was also close friends with African American educator Booker T. Washington.
  10. Despite his contributions to the Union cause after the war, many Southerners still saw Longstreet as a traitor and he was often criticized for his role in the battle of Gettysburg.

General James Longstreet as prominent figure in civil war

Longstreet was a key figure in the Civil War and one of the most controversial generals of the Confederate army. Despite his close friendship with Robert E. Lee and his successes on the battlefield, his actions at Gettysburg continue to be widely debated by historians. Nevertheless, Longstreet’s legacy lives on and he is remembered as one of the South’s most capable and dedicated soldiers.

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