Here are some tips and techniques you can use to improve the look of your face with lipstick. You can see the lipstick tips video here.

Prep Your LipsBefore applying lipstick, exfoliate with a lip scrub to remove dry skin.
Use a Lip LinerDefine your lips and prevent feathering by using a matching lip liner.
Choose the Right ShadeSelect lipstick shades that complement your skin tone and overall look.
Create Ombre LipsExperiment with darker shades on the outer corners and lighter in the center.
Long-Lasting LipsApply lip balm, lip liner, and blot to make your lipstick last longer.
Lipstick as BlushUse lipstick as a cream blush for a coordinated makeup look.
Experiment with Lip GlossAdd dimension by applying clear or tinted lip gloss on top of your lipstick.
Matte vs. GlossyUnderstand the difference between matte and glossy lipsticks for the look you want.
Fix Lipstick MistakesCorrect mistakes with a concealer or foundation on a small brush.
DIY Lip ScrubCreate a DIY lip scrub using sugar and honey for smooth lips.
Lipstick LayeringExperiment with layering different lipstick shades to create custom colors.
Lipstick as EyeshadowUse lipstick as eyeshadow by applying it to your eyelids and blending.
Lipstick SealantApply translucent powder or setting spray to set lipstick and prevent smudging.
Two-Tone LipsApply different shades on upper and lower lips for a visually interesting look.
Lip ContouringEnhance lip shape by applying lighter and darker shades strategically.
Lipstick Clean-Up with a BrushUse a small brush with concealer to clean up edges for a polished look.
DIY Lip PlumperMix cinnamon or peppermint oil with lip gloss for a temporary plumping effect.
Monochromatic MakeupCoordinate lipstick with eyeshadow or blush for a cohesive appearance.
Lipstick StencilsExperiment with stencils for precise and symmetrical lip shapes.
Lipstick Hacks for Mask-WearingChoose long-wearing and transfer-resistant lipsticks for mask-friendly looks.