Louis Braille (Born on January 4, 1809) – Louis Braille, born on January 4, 1809, was a French educator and inventor who developed the Braille system, revolutionizing written communication for the visually impaired.

Sir Isaac Pitman (Born on January 4, 1813) – Born on January 4, 1813, Sir Isaac Pitman was a British teacher and inventor, known for developing the Pitman shorthand system, a widely used method for quickly recording spoken words.

Sir George Martin (Born on January 4, 1926) – Sir George Martin, born on January 4, 1926, was a highly influential British record producer, often referred to as the “Fifth Beatle” for his extensive work with The Beatles during their career.

Dyan Cannon (Born on January 4, 1937) – Born on January 4, 1937, Dyan Cannon is an American actress and director, recognized for her roles in films like “Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice” and “Heaven Can Wait.”

Floyd Patterson (Born on January 4, 1935) – Floyd Patterson, born on January 4, 1935, was an American professional boxer who became the youngest heavyweight champion in history at the age of 21.

Jane Wyman (Born on January 4, 1917) – Jane Wyman, born on January 4, 1917, was an Academy Award-winning American actress, known for her versatile performances in films and her role in the TV series “Falcon Crest.”

Michael Stipe (Born on January 4, 1960) – Born on January 4, 1960, Michael Stipe is an American musician and lead singer of the alternative rock band R.E.M., known for his distinctive voice and thought-provoking lyrics.

Rick Stein (Born on January 4, 1947) – Rick Stein, born on January 4, 1947, is a British chef, restaurateur, and television personality, celebrated for his contributions to promoting and popularizing seafood cuisine.

Julia Ormond (Born on January 4, 1965) – Born on January 4, 1965, Julia Ormond is a British actress known for her roles in films like “Legends of the Fall” and “Sabrina,” as well as her work in television and activism.

Charo (Born on January 4, 1951) – Charo, born on January 4, 1951, is a Spanish-American actress, singer, and flamenco guitarist, recognized for her lively personality and appearances on various entertainment shows.