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Coming in 2024 to Top Famous Folks

Our Top 10 video audience has asked, and we are delivering. We would like to present to you two new sections on our website, coming in 2024 or before:

Musician’s Chronicles

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People want more than facts and figures. You want an intriguing story that delves into the artists life, exposing the trial and tribulations they face, and how they overcome them. We are happy to present the start of our musical genre stories:

Famous People’s Birthdays

Famous Birthdays

It seems everyone wants to know someone famous who was born on their birthdate. So, starting January 1, we will be publishing daily blog posts and associated videos showing what famous person was born on that day. If you were born in January, you will get results fast. The rest of us will have to wait until our month and day comes around. But fear not time flies when you are having fun! Know that I have to wait until nearly the end of December to see my matches, but until then, I will keep you updated everyday on who was born that day, with some interesting facts to keep you interested.

Top Famous Folks

Welcome! If you are looking for Top 10 lists, and detailed drill-downs of your favorite person, then you are in the right place.  Each week we publish a Top 10 Famous Persons article, and also an associated YouTube video. Each person in the top 10 countdown gets their own video, and many get detailed pages here, or blog posts giving you more details about your favorite person. Follow the links below to jump straight to the Top 10 lists, or to more details about individuals, or their categories: