James Longstreet (Confederate)

General James Longstreet

General James Longstreet is number 8 on our famous folks top 10 list of Civil War Generals. Here is his micro biography:


James Longstreet was born on January 8, 1821, in Edgefield District, South Carolina. He died on January 2, 1904, in Gainesville, Georgia. He was an American Confederate general during the Civil War.

  1. He was a close friend of Robert E. Lee, who he often advised during battles.
  2. Longstreet served in the Mexican-American War, where he proved himself to be a competent soldier.
  3. He was one of the South’s most successful corps commanders.
  4. He played a major role in the Battle of Gettysburg, leading his troops into the town.
  5. Longstreet’s decision to attack at a different location than Lee’s plan is often criticized as a major factor in the Confederate loss at Gettysburg.
  6. After the Civil War, Longstreet became a Republican and was appointed as a U.S. marshal by President Grant.
  7. He was also the U.S. ambassador to the Ottoman Empire.
  8. Longstreet wrote several books about his experiences during the Civil War.
  9. He died at the age of 82 and was buried in Alta Vista Cemetery in Gainesville, Georgia.
  10. A statue of Longstreet can be found on the Gettysburg Battlefield, where he is remembered for his military service.

Longstreet was a key figure in the Civil War and one of the most controversial generals of the Confederate army. Despite his close friendship with Robert E. Lee and his successes on the battlefield, his actions at Gettysburg continue to be widely debated by historians. Nevertheless, Longstreet’s legacy lives on and he is remembered as one of the South’s most capable and dedicated soldiers.

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