General Ambrose Burnside is number 9 on our famous folks top 10 list of Civil War Generals. Here are ten more details about his life:

Ambrose Burnside
  1. Burnside served as Governor of Rhode Island from 1866-1869.
  2. He was a successful businessman and inventor, holding several patents for his inventions.
  3. Burnside led a failed expedition to relieve Union forces at the siege of Petersburg, Virginia in 1864.
  4. He fought in several battles during the Civil War, including the Battle of Antietam.
  5. Burnside was known for his distinctive facial hair, which became known as sideburns and were named after him.
  6. He helped organize and train the first black soldiers to fight in the Union Army.
  7. Burnside served as a Republican Congressman from Indiana from 1847-1849.
  8. Burnside was a strong advocate for railroad expansion and helped secure funding for the expansion of the Newport and Cincinnati Railroad.
  9. He was a close friend of Abraham Lincoln and served as a pallbearer at his funeral.
  10. After the Civil War, Burnside served as a railroad executive and helped modernize the nation’s rail transportation system.

After the civil war for General Ambrose Burnside

After the war, Burnside continued to have a successful career. He worked as a railroad executive and was also involved in politics. He served as the governor of Rhode Island and was a senator in the U.S. Congress. He was also an inventor, who patented a new type of breech-loading rifle.

Burnside was known for his distinctive appearance, which included a bushy mustache and sideburns that became known as “burnsides.” He was a man of great integrity and was respected by both his fellow soldiers and the public. Despite his many achievements, he was a humble man and always put others before himself.

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